Roasting application range

The Roasting Process

  • Roasting and Blanching of Groundnuts
  • Roasting- (and Flaking) of Maize, Barley, Oats
  • Roasting of Coffee beans
  • Roasting of Nuts and Almost all kinds of seeds
  • Roasting of spices such as Coriander
  • Other: Sterilizing of almost any kind of seed: Aflatoxins are odourless, tasteless and have no colour, and are therefore difficult to detect if not sterilized
  • Other: Heating of sunflower seeds for the cold press industry

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Soy Bean Roasting

Roasted Soybean Seed

Roasted Soybean Seed - is a good source of protein and fat for poultry. Soybean seed contains a trypsin inhibitor that can severely interfere with digestion in a bird's gut and the seed must be heat treated to inactivate this compound. Roasting is a fairly common method of heat treating seed and roasted soybean seed has been used successfully in organic diets.

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Cereals & Grain Roasting

Cereal grains

Application in human foods

The oil is an important material retained in a whole roasted soybean. About 20% of the bean is oil, making it a tremendous source of concentrated energy. It provides 2 1/4 times as much energy as a carbohydrate. Due to the sensitivity of human diets, we prefer not to give out too much information. We can however say that roasted products are much tastier, digestible and safer for human consumption.

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Peanut & Groundnut Roasting

Roasting and or Blanching Groundnuts (Peanuts)

Groundnuts or Peanuts can be roasted to perfection in the Roastech Roaster due to the variable speed drive options and temperature setting options. Darker roasting is required for a more intense flavor when making peanut butter whilst a lighter colour is preferred when preparing cocktail peanuts. All of this is possible with your Roastech roaster.

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Animal Feed Roasting

Animal Feeds

Application in Ruminant (Cattle/Sheep and Goat) Feeds

Fat contains over two times the amount of energy found in grain. This makes it a good energy supplement for early lactation cows. There are many different sources of fat available: commodity fats (tallow, lard, vegetable oils), commercial "rumen inert" fats and whole oilseeds. Sunflower and canola seeds contain 40% oil and 20% protein.Soybeans contain 20% oil and about 40% protein.

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